Feb 26

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Radioactive Material 2

26 Feb 2016

The Estill County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) wants the public to know we are doing all we can to find the facts dealing with the illegal dumping of radioactive waste at the landfill. We cannot change that this happened, but we can make sure that our community is safe and that your voices are heard.

The State of KY will be doing testing in the schools this weekend. Judge Taylor has decided to hire a 3rd party company, ECO Tech to do testing in the schools and landfill. Some test results will be immediate, but some testing will take a few days to get results. The results will be made available to the public.

To make sure that the citizens of Estill County have a voice we will have a public forum at the Estill County High School, Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 6pm. We welcome all residents to join this forum. We will provide more information about the forum and the speakers that will be present as we get closer to the day.

We will continue working on this until we as a community get answers. We work to protect and serve the community we love and we will find answers.

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