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Oct 31

Siren System Installation and Testing

Estill County EMA/CSEPP is currently working to complete the installation of Estill County’s new siren system. Beginning on October 31st and over the next few days we will be sounding individual sirens and at the end of the installation process we will sound all sirens. While testing individual sirens you will hear the Westminster Chimes …

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Oct 23

CSEPP Zone Signs

The Estill County Emergency Management Agency (EMA)/ Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) is beginning a CSEPP Zone Sign project. You will begin to notice signs being placed throughout the county by County and State Highway Departments. We have encouraged residents for years to know what their CSEPP Zone is in case of a chemical …

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Aug 01

Estill County CSEPP Zone Map To Help with Rock Hunting

The Estill County CSEPP zone map. Click on a zone to see more information.

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Mar 01

Be Aware Learn How to Prepare TV Spots

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Feb 27

CSEPP Media Campaign to Begin March 4th 2013

Starting Monday, March 4th the Kentucky Chemical Stockpile Preparedness Program (CSEPP) will begin a media campaign. Residents of Estill County along with the other CSEPP counties will be begin seeing and hearing all kinds of disaster preparedness ads for CSEPP. We have already changed the billboards on HWY 52; you will also start seeing commercials …

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Feb 22

Weather Radios for Estill County Residents

Estill County Residents are currently eligible to receive a weather radio for free!. The Estill County CSEP Program is distributing weather radios to Estill County residents. If you have not received your weather radio yet simply come to the Estill County EMA/CSEPP located at 182 Broadway, Irvine, KY. We will need your name, address, and …

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Jan 30


Shelter-In-Place may sometimes also be called In-Place-Protection or other terms.  If you hear us at Estill County CSEPP or any of the other communities in the Bluegrass CSEP Program refer to it we will always call it Shelter-In-Place. Sheltering-In-Place has over the last few years received its fair share of jokes and sometimes outright disbelief from …

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Jan 30

Shelter-In Place Procedures

Public safety officials will tell you if shelter-in-place protection is ordered by using the Emergency Alert System (EAS). If persons in your zone are told to begin shelter-in-place protection you should take the following actions. Go indoors. Any building suitable for use during the winter is safe for shelter-in-place protection. Close all outside windows and …

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Jan 18

What Do You Do if the Sirens Sound?

News Release CSEPP Information Estill Emergency Management Melissa Jessie, CSEPP PIO (606) 723-6533     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     What Do You Do if the Sirens Sound If the sirens should sound for a chemical emergency, go inside immediately. Make sure you and your family are safely indoors. Turn on the radio or the …

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