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What Do You Do if the Sirens Sound?

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What Do You Do if the Sirens Sound

If the sirens should sound for a chemical emergency, go inside immediately. Make sure you and your family are safely indoors. Turn on the radio or the TV to a local station. Emergency Officials will tell you what actions you and your family need to take to be safe. There are several actions emergency officials may direct you to do; no action at this time, shelter-in-place, or evacuate.

If emergency officials tell you that there is no action at this time, that means that your community is in no danger at that moment. There are several factors that come into place for emergency officials to decide what actions their community should take. These factors are wind speed and direction, the size of the plume (the cloud of chemical agent) and the amount of time before the plume reaches your community.

If emergency officials direct you to shelter-in-place do you know what to do? Do you and your family have a safe room and shelter-in-place kit prepared? If not, you should. A shelter-in-place kit consists of plastic sheeting, duct tape, scissors, radio, water and snacks. An ideal safe room is a room that has only one door and no windows, like a bathroom. If you and your family are instructed to shelter-in-place immediately turn off your heat or air conditioning and go to your safe room with your kit.

Take the plastic sheeting and cover all vents and seal the door. Use the scissors to cut the plastic sheeting (precutting will make this process faster) and seal the vents and door with the duct tape. Turn on your radio and tune to a local radio station. Emergency officials will tell you how long to shelter-in-place, when all danger has passed they will tell you what you need to do next. Have plenty of snacks and water in case you have to shelter-in-place for an extend amount of time.

If you are told to evacuate do you know your evacuation route? Do you have an evacuation kit prepared? If you and your family are instructed to evacuate, emergency officials will tell you where you need to go and what is the safest route to get there. However, you and your family need to be prepared to evacuate. An evacuation kit should consist of an out of town friend or relative for your family to contact in case you are not together when the evacuation is issued. You also need to have any medications, a change of clothes for each family member, snacks and water, and if you have small children pack some quite toys and books. After you have reached your evacuation point emergency officials will provide a shelter for you and family to stay until they know it is safe for you and your family to return to your home.

Please contact your local CSEPP office with any questions or comments at:

ATT: Melissa Jessie, Estill Emergency Management Agency, 182 Broadway, Irvine, KY 40336. Call us at (606) 723-6533 or visit us on the web atwww.estillcounyema.com


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