Mar 27

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Flood Awareness

Flash floods and floods are the #1 storm related killer in Kentucky and across the United States. Each year, more deaths occur due to flooding than from any other severe weather related hazard.

Estill County and many other areas of Kentucky have already began to experience how quickly waters can rise. With the ground heavily saturated any other rain fall, especially heavy rain can cause some flooding.

People underestimate the force and power of water. More than half of all flood related deaths result from vehicles being swept downstream. Most of these drownings are preventable. If flooding occurs, get to higher ground. Get out of areas subject to flooding. This includes dips, low spots, canyons, washes, etc. Avoid areas already flooded, especially if the water is flowing fast. Do not camp or park your vehicle along streams and washes, particularly during threatening weather conditions. Do not attempt to drive across flowing streams. Roadbeds may be washed out underneath the flood waters. Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize flood dangers.

The National Weather Service has developed an easy to remember way of staying safe during floods, TADD – Turn Around Don’t Drown. During times of severe weather remember to monitor your NOAA Weather Radio, or your favorite news source for vital weather related information.

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