Mar 22

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Kentucky Division of Water Permits

Estill County has been notified by the Kentucky Division of Water that residents and businesses in Estill County who live in the 1% flood plain must receive a county and state permit before repairing their homes or businesses. County permits will be issued at no cost to the residents and businesses. Estill County will not delay the rebuilding process or stand in the way of those attempting to recover from this terrible disaster, however, state law mandates that the county must issue these permits or potentially face civil and/or criminal penalties. When we issue county permits we will provide contact information and application materials for the state process.

State permits must be requested through the Kentucky Division of Water. Failure to request a permit through the state could result in delay or denial of funds from FEMA if you are eligible and could result in civil and criminal penalties assessed by the Kentucky Division of Water. Once a permit has been requested state officials may inspect the damage and potential repairs.

Residents and businesses of the City of Ravenna or City of Irvine should contact their city government to obtain a local permit.

We would like to let everyone know that we are doing everything we can to help this community heal from this terrible event. We cannot control the state’s response to this event but we want to make sure that everyone is aware of the process and has the best chance of receiving assistance while avoiding any possible penalties from the state.

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