Feb 26

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Radioactive Material at Estill County Landfill

25 Feb 2016

This afternoon we learned about the radioactive material being dumped at the landfill just like everyone else; by the news media. We immediately began making calls to the State Waste Management, State Public Health and our local agencies and officials.

We are assured by the Commonwealth Health and Family Services Radiation Health Branch that there is no public health threat at this time. This material was shipped and dumped into the landfill during the summer and fall months of 2015. The state has already completed surveys and sample testing and found no evidence of radioactivity at this time. The state will continue to monitor the dump site within the landfill.

The waste that was brought here was from drilling operations for oil and natural gas. The waste comes from rock and brine that’s brought to the surface drilling. Naturally occurring radionuclides concentrate during the process. A West Virginia company that recycles the drilling further concentrates the radionuclides. It appears that this the type of waste material that our landfill received.

This type of waste is illegal to be transported and dumped in the state of KY. The county also has a host agreement with landfill that makes it illegal for them to receive this type of waste.

We are working diligently with all agencies in the county and state to find out how this happened and what steps to take next. We will provide more information as we continue to investigate this situation.

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