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Mar 27

Severe Weather Preparedness

Severe Weather Preparedness   Flash Flooding Safety Rules Flash floods and floods are the #1 storm related killer in Kentucky and across the United States. If Driving, DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH FLOODED AREAS! Even if it looks shallow enough to cross. The majority of deaths due to flooding are due to people driving through flooded areas. Water …

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Apr 08


Tornadoes have occurred in every state in the United States. Tornadoes have occurred in the United States during every month of the year.  These destructive forces can leave a path of devastation across many miles or they can seemingly bounce and skip across the landscape leaving one home untouched destroying the neighboring home. Storm systems …

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Mar 04


The KY River continues to rise and many roads are flooded. Current closed roads are: Red Lick, Old Landing at Buck Creek, Dark Hollow, Jakes Heavenly HWY, Murphy’s Ford, Noland Creek, Sang Branch, Driftwood Dr, Millers Creek and Clear Creek. Please use extreme caution if traveling this evening or tomorrow morning. Roadways are hazardous now, …

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Mar 02


March has been designated as Severe Weather Preparedness Month in Estill County and other counties across the state and have designated this month as a time for severe weather preparedness. We know it’s hard to think about severe weather with all the snow we’ve had, but as the weather begins to get warmer the chance …

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Feb 22

Weather Radios for Estill County Residents

Estill County Residents are currently eligible to receive a weather radio for free!. The Estill County CSEP Program is distributing weather radios to Estill County residents. If you have not received your weather radio yet simply come to the Estill County EMA/CSEPP located at 182 Broadway, Irvine, KY. We will need your name, address, and …

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