Feb 25

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Water Distribution Center Open 9am-8pm

A water distribution center opened at 9am today and will close at 8pm this evening. Residents of Estill County that are without water can come to the Estill County Fair Barn to pick up water. If you have running water you are not eligible to receive water at the distribution center.

Approximately 1,500 gallons of water was distributed yesterday. This is a drive-thru distribution point. Please have a water bill or your account number ready to receive water. If you cannot pick up water and need someone to bring it to you please notify your water office. To be eligible for delivery you must be elderly, special needs or have no way to pick up water. If they deliver and you do not fit this criteria you could be charged for the water delivery.

Currently there are still 2,500 estimated Estill County residents without water and many more experiencing low water pressure.

Please be patient. The water offices are not turning the water off, we are running out of water. The water plant is pumping and treating water as fast as it can. Please if you have water use for necessities only and be sure to hard boil water no less than 3 minutes. Think about the other citizens of the county that have been without water for 3 days now. The more you conserve the more it helps restore water to everyone.

If you are out of water be sure to check your hot water heater; if it is out of water turn it off to protect the heat elements from burning out. If you have inline pumps and do not have water be sure to turn them off as well to prevent damage to the pump.

Please check for leaks around your house. If you have elderly neighbors or neighbors that have not been home for the past week please help them check. Be aware of your surroundings if you see water running or pooling please notify your water office.

Water conservation is always important, but with the winter weather the past week it has put a strain on the system. Please conserve water as best as you can. If you have leaking or burst pipes and need assistance turning your water off where it enters the house contact your local water office for assistance.

Irvine Municipal Utilities (IMU)

(606) 723-2197 Monday-Friday

(606) 723-2344 Weekend and Evening


Estill Water District

(606) 723-3795

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